Türkiye, which has been supporting Gaza since the first day of the attacks, frequently expresses the persecution in international fora. 

Palestine emphasis at the World Islamic Scholars Consultation Meeting 

Speaking at the World Islamic Scholars Consultation Meeting organized by the Presidency of Religious Affairs in Istanbul, President Erbas used the following statements: ‘The inhumane Zionist policies and genocide in Palestine, which have been carried out with a perverted belief and dirty politics for 75 years, are dragging the whole world into a disaster. Israel, the terrorist network that ruthlessly massacres thousands of innocent people in Gaza with the support of imperialists, must immediately stop the attacks on Palestinians. The struggle of the Palestinian people, who heroically resist the occupation and invasion of their land, is legitimate and honorable in terms of religion, morality, and international law. It is a responsibility of faith and servanthood for every Muslim to support this noble struggle in all respects and to struggle materially and morally to stop the genocide. It should be clearly known that Jerusalem belongs to Muslims, Palestine, and Gaza are Muslim homelands and will remain so until the Day of Judgement.’ 

Türkiye intervenes in South Africa’s genocide case against Israel at the ICJ 

Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan said in a statement: ‘As Türkiye, we have decided to intervene in the case filed by South Africa against Israel at the International Court of Justice. With this step, we hope that the process before the ICJ will proceed in the right direction. In fact, as I have stated, our work on this application has been going on for a very long time.’