he traditional “Coffee of Tolerance” ceremony marked its 10th occurrence at the historic Murat Hudavendigar Mosque in the city of Plovdiv, in southeastern Bulgaria. In 2014, racist and ultranationalist groups attacked the historic Ottomanera Murat Hudavendigar Mosque in the city center. Despite this regrettable incident, the residents of Plovdiv succeeded in transforming it into a constructive and positive tradition, serving as a reminder for people of different religions and ethnic backgrounds to live together in a spirit of peace and tolerance. At the event, representatives from various religions and ethnicities joined together to convey messages of friendship and tolerance. In their speeches, they stated that the city of Plovdiv with a history spanning eight thousand years, predates both Athens and Rome and has consistently been a bastion of peace and tranquility. Among the distinguished attendees were the Mayor of Plovdiv Kostadin Dimitrov, the President of the Supreme Council of Muslims in Bulgaria Vedat Ahmet, and the Regional Mufti of Plovdiv, Taner Veli.