Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw), the final messenger sent to humanity by the Almighty Allah, served as the most exemplary model for all of humankind in terms of faith, worship, and morality throughout his 23-year prophetic life. By elucidating the principles and tenets of Islam, he eradicated idolatry and propagated the belief in unity (tawhid), thereby establishing a new society grounded in peace and tranquility as per the divine revelation. Those who heed the message of our Prophet (saw) will discover the finest exemplar for comprehending and embodying the teachings of the religion of Islam. To be part of the ummah of the Last Prophet, to understand his view of life, and to build a life in accordance with the religion of Islam, it is imperative that we hold fast to his guidance. Delving into and exploring the Prophet’s life is the sole means of comprehending the message he conveyed to all of humanity.

To disseminate the universal values conveyed by our Prophet (saw) and present them for the benefit of all humanity, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Saricam has authored a work titled “The Prophet Muhammad and His Universal Message.” This book endeavors to provide an accurate depiction of our Prophet's life, drawing from authentic sources, and elucidates his universal message, which encompasses the salvation of all humanity. The book is organized into main headings that enumerate the topics it covers. While events leading up to the Hijrah are presented chronologically, subjects related to the Medina period are systematically arranged. Furthermore, the book is enriched with illustrations, maps, and diagrams, enhancing the reader's grasp of the context in which the Prophet resided. A very helpful list of maps, images, and additional resources can also be found by following the table of contents.

The esteemed publication titled “The Prophet Muhammad and His Universal Message” stands as one of the most distinguished works of the Presidency of Religious Affairs of Türkiye. The purpose of this book is to offer in a clear and comprehensible language the account of the life of the Prophet Muhammad, with the aim of contributing to the accurate understanding of the Prophet Muhammad. The Presidency of Religious Affairs of Türkiye presents this book as an original contribution to our esteemed readers who have an interest in gaining insight into the life of Prophet Muhammad (saw).