Allah’s Messenger came to the house of his daughter, Fatima (ra). He looked for her husband ‘Ali (ra). The merciful Prophet must have immediately sensed that something was wrong because he did not ask his daughter, “Where is ‘Ali?” or “Where is your husband?” In the same tone of voice that Aaron had used when he said, “Son of my mother” (Ta-Ha, 20:94) to his brother Moses who had returned from Mt. Sinai and was angry and disappointed by what he had seen, the Prophet (saw) asked Fatima, “Where is the son of your uncle?”[1]

Fatima just had a quarrel with her husband. Now, ‘Ali (ra) was greatly in love with his wife and he had once described Fatima’s concerns to the Prophet. Well, they had gone together to Allah’s Messenger, but Fatima (ra) could not bring herself to speak to her father due to shyness. ‘Ali immediately stepped in on her behalf and said, “O Allah’s Messenger! Allow me to convey what she is unable to express. Your daughter Fatima’s hands have become coarse from grinding wheat in the mill. Her neck is scratched by the bucket rope as she draws water from the well using a goat skin. Her skirt becomes dusty while she diligently sweeps and cleans her house, and her clothes are covered with soot because of the fire of the food pan.” (Bukhari, Fadha’il Ashab al-Nabi, 9)