Lately, there has been an emergence of questions such as: “I wonder how Allah thinks? Is it possible for a being to deliberate without a soul and a brain? Does Allah possess a soul and a mind?” Frankly, these inquiries weigh heavily on my mind. How would you answer these? 

This is indeed a thought-provoking question! It also raises concerns since it signals the trajectory of contemporary societal evolution. Additionally, the worrying point is that people are trying to assess and make judgments about Allah by likening Him to themselves. In other words, they are seeking a God like themselves.

Why would they go for such a comparison? 

One of the intriguing aspects of human beings is their desire to envision invisible beings in their own image. This is not only for Allah, they also think in this manner about angels, jinns, and Satan as well, going as far as to erroneously depict them in art form. This inclination stems from the way human beings imagine these beings. Indeed, some people even have dreams about these angels, jinns, and Satan as human-like beings, which further solidifies their human-like portrayal in waking hours.

Has this understanding only just begun or did it exist before? 

Actually, it existed earlier too. The ancient polytheist societies conceived of their gods in human form. They made their paintings and sculptures just like humans. When you look at the statues representing gods in pagan societies, they all look like human beings in some way.

Did no one oppose these and argue that they were nonsense?