Difficult or easy, happy or sad, hopeful or hopeless... In whatever condition he or she comes to this world, every newborn child deserves a fitting welcome with Allah’s blessing. The Almighty Allah introduces the newborn child to this world after determining if it is a boy or girl, its livelihood, and its time of death (Shura, 42:49-50; Bukhari, Qadar, 1). While parenting is a challenging test (Taghabun, 64:15), it is also viewed as a divine gift from Allah, enriching homes with blessings and abundance (Isra’ 17:31) and infusing joy into the lives of parents. This sacred responsibility is bestowed upon parents to nurture a new life, a labor of love that spans a lifetime. A child needs the care, love, compassion, and support of his parents throughout his/her life. Thus, the parents are aware of their responsibilities for material and spiritual assistance, which starts before the birth of the baby. Birth is just one stage of the child’s life. It is the first step on a ladder s/he will climb throughout his/her life, and the first station on the way to the final destination. 

The birth of a baby, heralding the arrival of a new member to the family, not only strengthens feelings of responsibility but also ignites a sense of excitement. While other family members may shoulder some of the new responsibilities according to their age, the real burden rests on the parents’ shoulders. The parents should not be like the mother and father who first pray, “If you give us a good and healthy baby we will certainly be grateful,” only to later when the child comes into the world attribute Allah’s goodness to a partner. (A’raf, 7:189-191) They should wholeheartedly embrace the child regardless of its gender, and be not like the Jahiliyya people, who would be happy when they had a boy, but be upset when they had a girl (Nahl, 16:58-59; Zukhruf, 43:17). They should not forget how precious children are–the adornments of worldly life– (Kahf, 18:46) and the parents should remember that Allah (swt) tests them through their children (Anfal, 8:28). From day one, parents should provide their children with the deepest compassion and purest love.