Nada Dosti is a journalist, writer, and researcher from Albania. She holds a degree in Translation and Interpretation from the University of Tirana and a Masters in Journalism from Ankara University and is currently, a PhD student in Social Media Studies. She embraced Islam at the age of 14. In 2012, she decided to continue studying in Türkiye and then to stay permanently with her husband.

Can you tell us briefly about yourself? 

My name is Nada Dosti. I’m from Albania, as a profession I am a journalist. Currently, I’m working at the Institute of Islamic Thought as a researcher. I’m a PhD student in social media studies in Ankara.

How did you hear about Islam for the first time and what was your thought about Islam back then?

Islam is part of the Albanian reality after the communist regime. So I cannot recall the first moment I heard about Islam or something related to Islam but I remember that when I was in secondary school I started searching about religion. I started being interested in religious issues in general. I had a best friend who was a very devoted Christian. She was inviting me to her religion and then I started reading about the Bible. After that, I start thinking about religion in general. I start researching about other different religions such as Islam, Judaism, etc.