Natural disasters mean challenging times for humanity 

Words become inadequate and nothing is left to say at times. The wreckage of an earthquake breaks all pure hearts, the flame of a fire singes all sensitive hearts, and a flood or an epidemic opens heavy wounds on every intact conscience. From east to west, from north to south, millions of people from different geographies, faiths, languages, and colors come together with the same sentiment. The conscience of humanity becomes a single conscience. The most powerful universal language of humanity is the language of conscience, and pain is experienced again in every misfortune and calamity. In any disaster zone, the fact that people from different geographies of the world turn into a single heart with the same hope, sadness, and resolve reveals the most powerful resource to heal and beautify life.

Human beings think about, discuss, and question the meaning of life and the wisdom of existence more deeply following natural disasters

Human beings need a reasonable explanation of what is happening. At this point, first of all, it is necessary to consider human beings and the universe as a whole. As a matter of fact, the universe we are in, the Earth, the sky, and everything in between was created by Allah the Almighty with a divine order and infallible measure, based on a purpose and wisdom (Qamar, 54:49; Yunus, 10:5). Every created being has a mission in the universe, and every object has a wisdom in the context of the continuation of life. In the Holy Qur’an, it is stated that the Earth was created as a suitable ground for human life and that the mountains have a function that ensures the balance of the Earth (Naba, 78: 6-7). It is a fact that the features of nature that come to the fore in the context of natural disasters or the accumulation of energy under the ground have certain functions in terms of the balance of the Earth. For example, while rain is a great blessing for the Earth, it can cause major catastrophes as a result of deforestation and destruction of nature. The important point here, which should not be neglected, is that human beings should be aware of this reality when determining their relationship with nature.