Religion is a phenomenon as old as the dawn of humanity. The behavior of developing tools and machines that humans use is another phenomenon that goes back just as far . While these systems, which are reflections of imagination, once represented physical strength, the thought that, in time, they could also represent intellect gave birth to artificial science technology. The idea of the artificiality of intelligence, which emerged as a result of the mechanical universe and human understanding, is the locomotive technology of Industry 5.0 today.

Islam offers principles to guide people in their relations with God, other people, and nature. On the other hand, aside from the opportunities that artificial intelligence technology provides humans and their relationships with God, society, and the environment, there are radical and largely threatening implications. In this context, this technology, in a sense, is a product and achievement of the collective effort, which can be counted as the peak, of humankind throughout history, which the creator has equipped with knowledge and wisdom and made inclined to development and progress with his own effort. In this way, it can contribute to the establishment of a more prosperous, fair, moral, and livable world order in favor of the material and spiritual development of humankind. However, as it is a very powerful technology with revolutionary potentials that will directly affect people, society, social institutions, and nature, its use with malicious intent and without the control of universal ethical principles will have devastating consequences.

Humans in the age of artificial intelligence

At the core of artificial intelligence's claim to mimic the nature of humans is the assumption that they can be reduced to mere matter and are therefore a mechanical and imitable entity. Thus, it is possible to develop machines that do not have human physical limitations and weaknesses and that have much faster and more advanced cognitive skills. However, this runs the risk of lowering humans to object status amid the rise of machines.