Sir, there is a question that has been weighing on my mind lately, which is whether there is a conflict between religion and science. Do religion and science truly conflict with each other? What kinds of differences exist between religion and science? Is it possible to consider them as independent and separate from each other? Does the presence of one confine the other to a limited domain? Can one be substituted for the other?

Modern times have emerged as a period characterized by clear demarcations and a prevailing sense of competition among various aspects of life. In fact, Allah the Almighty has interconnected everything, establishing a deep interdependence where each entity fulfills the needs of another. He, in His infinite wisdom, holds ultimate authority to whom all needs are conveyed. No being in the universe is exempt from having needs. Ultimately, everything relies on the Allah the Almighty, while He Himself remains independent and free from any need. That being said, modern times have witnessed attempts to assign a particular position to God or expand the realm of human influence while constraining the role of God. God, the ultimate authority, who fulfills all needs, has been largely ignored, and the idea that everything belongs to human beings and that human beings can meet all needs has become prevalent. Indeed, this deviation from recognizing the ultimate authority of God and placing excessive confidence in human capabilities can be described as going off the rails. It is indeed a valid question to consider how a human being or even a group of human beings, who is dependent on everything including various resources such as air and water, can fulfill the needs of everything. The underlying truth behind this notion is often driven by human ambition and a desire for dominion over all aspects of existence. Environmental massacre, the extinction of species, and the condemnation of the vast majority of humanity to hunger and poverty triggering waves of communities to forcefully migrate sum up the current global state of affairs. Initially, the idea of resorting to military action, involving guns and bloodshed, emerged as a means to address this migration. Unfortunately, this was the conclusion reached by individuals who had chosen to ignore Allah and overstep their bounds. The consequence of such a misguided perspective is the infliction of violence and the disruption of natural equilibrium. Alas, this situation brings about a deep sense of sorrow and lamentation.