Following the passing of his uncle Abu Talib, and the refusal of his other uncle, Abu Lahab, to provide protection for the Prophet Muhammad (saw), there was a significant threat to his safety and to the cause of Islam. The absence of protection, crucial for security and the guarantee of life in Arab culture at that time, became a major issue. Despite grieving the losses in his family, the polytheists exploited his lack of protection and continued to harass our beloved Prophet. Their aim was to alleviate the demoralization caused by the failure of the boycott and to obliterate the future of the new religion.

Given the circumstances, even if Muslims could still maintain their presence in Mecca, there was little chance of others accepting Islam. All possible actions had been taken in Mecca, leaving migration to safer locations as the only viable option. The Prophet decided to travel to Taif, located approximately 100 kilometers east of Mecca, accompanied by his freed slave, Zayd ibn Harithah.

Taif, like Mecca, was an important commercial center with close relations with Yemen. The Banu Thaqif tribe residing in Taif was often in commercial cooperation with the Quraysh. Taif boasted a better climate than Mecca, with fertile land and abundant water resources. Consequently, many of the wealthy Meccans owned land in Taif and utilized it as a retreat place during the summer season.

Due to the close relationship between the Banu Thaqif of Taif and the Quraysh tribe in Mecca, it was unlikely that the Prophet Muhammad would receive the protection he sought from them. Nevertheless, he held onto a small hope. In Shawwal 620, he met with the notables of Taif, invited them to Islam, and requested their assistance. However, they did not take the Prophet’s offer seriously and asked him to leave the city immediately, as they did not want to cause a rift with the Quraysh. They even informed the riffraff of the city and tried to force him out. During the forced removal, the Prophet was hit by many stones, despite Zayd ibn Harithah’s attempts to shield him.

Both were wounded, but they managed to make it to Mecca. However, their return journey was longer and more difficult.