The Diyanet Center of America (DCA) recently hosted its 15th annual DCA Festival, a vibrant celebration of Islamic culture, at its premises in Maryland's DMV region. The festival, which took place on June 3rd and 4th, witnessed the participation of approximately 3,000 people. This biannual event has become a highly anticipated gathering for the local Muslim community over the past seven years.

The DCA Festival brings together Muslims residing in the Maryland DMV area, providing them with an opportunity to celebrate their cultural heritage. Alongside the local community, various vendors set up booths, showcasing and offering a wide range of cultural products and activities. Moreover, many non-profit organizations join the festival in order to present their initiatives, projects, and programs, raising awareness about their causes.

Among the guests who visited the Festival, there were also certain official delegations, such as Mr. Malik Aziz the Chief of Police of Prince George's County, and Mr. Calvin S. Hawkins II the At-Large Council Member of Prince George's County. Both distinguished visitors had the opportunity to explore the event and gain invaluable information about the DCA’s biannual Festival. They also met with Prof. Bilal Kuspinar, Chairperson of DCA, who briefed them about the significance of the Festival and its impact on the local community.

The 15th Festival of the Diyanet Center of America was attended and celebrated by about 3000 people from various backgrounds. Needless to say, during this two-day splendid event, all participants, including males and females of all ages, had an unforgettable joyous experience, cherishing their shared tawhidi-based values within the diversity of their rich Islamic culture.