Julien Drolon is a French convert, former international reporter, and singer-songwriter.  After conducting extensive research on religion for many years, he embraced Islam in the Philippines in 2012. Since then, he has been involved in many projects including New Muslim Care, which focuses on the people who have embraced Islam. Through a documentary project titled “Freedom” carried out by Julien Drolon and his beloved wife Zara Shafie, they wanted to give a voice to a community of Muslims during a crucial period when better comprehension of Islam is imperative. Presently, their efforts encompass diverse projects with the aim of reaching out to people and explaining the religion of Islam in the right way. 

Could you please tell us about yourself? Who is Julien Drolon?

I am the CEO of Halis Media, a French Malaysian media/event company specializing in producing exceptional world-class media content and conferences with a special emphasis on narratives of convert. I am of French origin and embraced Islam in 2012 while in the Philippines.

How was your life concerning faith before you embraced Islam?

I have a strong Christian background. I got baptized when I was 2 years old. At 8 years old I received my first communion and subsequently ventured into Buddhism during my college years. I tried many types of spiritual practices and even walked 1000 kilometers in 30 days on a famous Christian Pilgrim “The Way of James” in Spain but I used to believe that God was too big for one religion which is a New Age concept.

When was the first time you encountered Islam?