The general status of Islam 

The Russian Federation, boasting the world’s largest territory in the world, has a population of approximately 146 million. Islam ranks as the second largest religion in Russia after Christianity, with over 25 million Muslims residing in the country. The Russian Federation is a multinational, multicultural, and multi-religious country, encompassing about 160 ethnic groups. The vast majority of Muslims are indigenous peoples who have been living in these lands for centuries. Today, the Russian Constitution lists Islam as one of the traditional religions of the country.

The Russian Federation holds observer membership status within the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and is a major participant in the Eurasian Islamic Council, the largest international organization of the Presidency of Religious Affairs of Türkiye.

Notably, there isn’t a singular representative body for Muslims in the Russian Federation. Instead, Religious Administrations function as non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The heads of religious organizations, regional muftis, and leaders of central religious administrations are elected by their respective members and officially registered with the appropriate state department. The state collaborates with and indirectly aids religious administrations and Muslim communities through various governmental organs.

History of Islam 

Islam made its way to the territory of the presentday Russian Federation through various routes and regions. Notably, the city of Derbent in the Republic of Dagestan stands as one of the earliest places where the divine message of Islam was embraced. In the year 2023, the country commemorated the 1380th anniversary of the acceptance of Islam in Derbent. The historical city boasts 40 tombs of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (saw), along with the oldest mosque in the country, the Juma Mosque, which continues to hold significant cultural and religious importance to this day.