The world is witnessing a global change process that affects all humanity in every field. The process of globalisation is the existence of all people within a single social unit and socio-cultural system. This process of change, which profoundly affects our individual and social lives, brings with it many differences and problems. If we look at the process from the perspective of values such as truth, justice, security, and compassion, we see that behind these changes humanity is experiencing great turmoil and destruction. The main reason for the social, political, environmental, and financial dilemmas facing humanity today is the crisis of values.

In this context, the book “Islamic Perspective on Global Issues” published by the Presidency of Religious Affairs endeavours to provide solutions to the global problems of today’s world from a sincere and holistic perspective based on the basic references of Islam. The book consists of eleven articles written by various authors; it deals with the most important global problems such as justice, society of trust, sensitivity to rights, the right to life, racism, the Muslim ummah, goodness and benevolence, honour and chastity, violence, bigotry, and terror. The book, which seeks correct and realistic solutions from an Islamic perspective to these problems caused by the erosion of fundamental values in modern life, especially under the influence of globalisation, examines the factors that emerge with the shaking of moral values and cause humanity to lose its ability to have mercy, justice, and trust.