Islam through Hadiths is a work that aims to convey the hadiths and sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) to modern-day people from authentic sources in the appropriate language and style. In this respect, the work presents the exemplary attitudes and behaviors of the Messenger of Allah (saw) and messages that are relevant in every age, in very plain and understandable language, focusing on topics that take into account the problems and needs of the age we live in.

Islam through Hadiths has a unique style in terms of writing technique and content. It consists of a preface, an introduction, and eight main parts: 1. Allah, The Universe, Man, and Religion 2. Knowledge 3. Faith 4. Worship 5. Morality 6. Social Life 7. History and Civilization 8. Eternal Life: The Hereafter. There are around 350 subject headings under these main sections. There are highlighted hadiths under each subject heading that are chosen from reliable sources, cover the subject, encapsulate the main idea, and can be memorized.

Islam through Hadiths is a focused work, not a broad compilation of hadiths on various subjects. In the work, the hadiths are presented under a certain topic by interpreting them within a certain style of writing and editing. The subjects are handled from a holistic perspective in light of the related narrations, especially verses of the Quran. A style that can be expressed as the interpretation of hadiths with hadiths has been adopted. However, since the work generally aims to convey knowledge of the hadith to the reader, technical knowledge, problems, and academic discussions in the field of hadith are not included in the texts.

Islam through Hadiths—which is the product of a collective effort that reflects Türkiye’s experience in the field of hadith—differs from previously published works in this field in terms of scope, participation, background, content, and style, and fills an important gap as an outstanding source of hadith. It is presented to our esteemed readers by the Presidency of Religious Affairs as an original and reference work for those who want to know the Messenger of Allah (saw) in the light of his words, explore his wisdom, and carry his exemplary life to the present day.¬