What is a mosque?

Mosques are the branches of the Ka’bah in Mecca, which was the first house of worship established to worship Allah on earth. Mosques are often regarded as symbols of peace and security by believers. The mosque is the center of both social and religious life and it unites life, truth, and civilization under its roof. Mosques are not only places of prayer but also sacred social spaces where all Muslims, from the youngest to the oldest, gather to share their joys and sorrows and seek solutions to their problems. A mosque serves as an educational center where people of all ages and walks of life come together. It is a place where preschool children have the opportunity to learn about and develop their love for Allah through playful activities, and where young people acquire knowledge of the Qur’an and basic Islamic knowledge. It is also a blessed place where Muslim women engage in social activities, as well as preaching and guidance. Mosques are spaces where love and sorrow are shared over a cup of tea, where peace, harmony, and brotherhood are truly experienced. They also serve as centers of cultural arts. Mosques are places that gather people without prejudice fostering unity, solidarity, and purifying hearts. They are the places where we spiritually reconstruct and build ourselves by offering our servitude to Allah. Finally, mosques are buildings physically constructed by Muslims and they hold great importance in shaping the spiritual lives of Muslims.

Who is an imam?