Some people have a question on their mind: Does Allah, the creator of everything, also have a creator? 

People have contradictory pursuits and expectations. They are both in search of eternity and in search of desire for everything to end somewhere. Expectation and boredom usually follow each other. They go on a vacation, have a lot of fun, and want the fun to continue. However, in time, a feeling of boredom begins to form, they want to finish it and return as soon as possible, as if they did not come voluntarily to have fun. In addition to the sense of continuity in human beings, there is also a desire for change, which is the opposite of it. The balance of these two provides inner peace. 

If this balance is disrupted in favor of one aspect over the other, individuals often feel unsettled and seek to swiftly escape that state. 

We were talking about Allah the Almighty… 

Exactly. When you say we, you are referring to human beings. The person who is asking and is asked. It is not possible to understand Allah the Almighty without understanding the human being. In other words, a person needs to get to know oneself first in order to know Allah, the Creator. As they say, if you know yourself, you know your Lord... 

So how do we get to know the human being? 

I was just trying to tell you that. Why does a person who thinks even the things that give pleasure must have an end, want the beings to be in an endless sequence? However, everything we see, hear, and even know in the universe has an end. That means that the universe and everything in it is mortal. They start at one point and end at another point. Where it begins is when it was created. Therefore, the universe itself is finite and has a starting point when it was created. 

Where do you get the idea that the universe is finite?