According to a dictionary definition, the term peace is defined as “being free from all kinds of physical and spiritual diseases, deficiencies, and defects; being in a state of peace and well-being”. When it is attributed to Allah, it is explained as “the One Who is free from all conceivable deficiencies, Who does not change from one condition to another like the created beings, Who has no possibility of disappearing one day, on the contrary, Who is the source of salvation in all its scope and bestower of peace in this world and the Hereafter”. The fact that the infinitive form of this word is a name of Allah (swt) means that Allah (swt) is the One Who comes to mind when it is said “to be in complete peace and to bestow peace”, that no one but Him has this power, and that He alone is the unique and unlimited source of peace, tranquility, and salvation, which are the greatest aspirations of human life. When we contemplate that even when we feel completely at peace, hidden dangers like illness or social unrest may be approaching us from within or outside, unbeknownst to us, we gain a deeper understanding that only “He” can possess true and absolute peace.