About the Diyanet Journal

Diyanet Journal wishes to greet its readers with peace: May Allah’s peace be upon you! We start our publishing life with the objective of conveying the universal message of Islam to the world through accurate explanation based on true knowledge.

We also aim to preserve and develop further the historical, cultural, and social heritage that shapes and builds the Muslim identity. As the Presidency of Religious Affairs of Türkiye, being fully aware of our responsibility to do good and spread goodness, we set out to expose Islam’s message of goodness and peace to people from all over the world. We always attach importance to the dissemination of knowledge based on authentic sources about the religion of Islam, which is literally rendered as peace and well-being.

Spreading true knowledge and increasing goodness constitute the basic publishing principle of the Diyanet Journal. Within this principle in mind, we will address our readers and discuss, in every issue of the Journal, current religious and cultural articles, and columns dealing with current questions along with their possible answers, including news from the Muslim world, as well as interviews with experts in their fields.

As the team of the Diyanet Journal, we present our journal to our esteemed readers, wishing them pleasant reading.