Prophet Muhammad (saw) commands:

“Every important matter that does not begin with mentioning the name of Allah, is considered incomplete”

(Ibn Hanbal, XIV, 329 [Hadith no: 8712])


One of the first words every Muslim parent teaches their children is “Bismillah”. This short sentence, known as “basmala”, does not contain a verb form but is flexible enough to accommodate different verbs based on the individual’s actions. In this sense, the basmala can be considered a divine motto for Muslims, who recite it in various situations such as before going to bed, upon waking, while eating, drinking, going to work, or getting in the car. Essentially, it is recited at all times and in all places. This simple sentence is akin to a treasure chest, holding numerous hidden treasures. Let us gain a better understanding of the basmala by exploring and delving into these treasures.

Basmala is the essence and declaration of Tawhid